Trusted by the largest telecom operators

Real Impact Analytics has created strong partnerships with global mobile network operators, crunching data from over 300 million subscribers daily.

Real Impact Analytics is extremely fast to value. They showed me that my current campaigns were destroying 50k$ per week, when we started our collaboration. Within only four weeks, they reversed the situation. I now use their campaigning platform and Business Analytics Services all year long. Ask us to meet this reference
Real Impact Analytics deployed geo-marketing apps across our entire African footprint (15+ countries). Thanks to their agility, their apps' relevance and the telecom expertise of their teams, we now co-design multi-year roadmaps to ensure the platforms are aligned with our strategic priorities and market changes. Ask us to meet this reference
Real Impact Analytics created a Social Network Analysis algorithm to detect decision-makers in prepaid corporate accounts. It translated into 30% increase in sales in only 2 months. Real Impact Analytics proved its capacity to innovate and tailor apps to my needs. Ask us to meet this reference
Real Impact Analytics left several probes to track the usage of their apps and the ROI of resulting field actions after deployment. They rapidly and proactively reached out to users who needed support either because they weren't using apps or because they weren't using them correctly. We never experienced technology vendors who were acting on the usage of their platforms. Ask us to meet this reference

Apps for internal telecom business needs

Users access 50+ apps that embed big data analytics in their day-to-day work. Our apps are split into two platforms – campaign management and operational excellence.


Campaigning platform

The holy grail of campaign management is to make the subscriber feel unique. When a campaign is sent to the right target, with the right product, the right discount, at the right time, through the right channel, telecom operators maximize their conversion rates.

Yet, most operators do not apply these optimization principles. At best, operators apply basic segmentation business rules. Subscribers feel spammed by mass campaigns.

Our campaigning platform supports mobile network operators in delivering best practices for their campaigns. From subscriber profiling to predictions, to A/B tests, read the apps section to understand how we deliver higher campaign profitability.


Operational platform

With the same subscriber base, telecom operators can generate very different margins based on their operational excellence. When a front-end team gets the right information, at the right time; the impact of their actions increases exponentially.

However, several hurdles prevent front-end users from optimizing their work. Lack of available data, quantitative skills or feedback loops between decision, action and impact result in lower productivity.

Our Operational platform portal allows each front-end user to optimize their day-to-day work. Within the platform, each app is tailored to a specific business need. The user gains access to several views to monitor, analyze, act and control. Apps leverage all telecom data sources, resulting in better collaboration between commercial and network as well as recommending decisions and actions.

We also offer Data for Good apps for international agencies

To reach the millennium development goals, we support development agencies by embedding telecom-based analytics in their day-to-day work

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In emerging markets, Real Impact Analytics works for the largest telecom groups. Our clients are aware of development needs in the countries where they operate. Particularly in Africa, telecom operators realize that the data they generate is often the richest data available. Jointly with our clients and partners, we have approached international agencies to see how telecom data can be used to address their needs.

What makes us different

Every competitor will say that he has the best references, the best teams, the best technology and the best ROI. We say the same thing about ourselves. Here is how we prove it.

We are end-to-end

  • We deploy end-to-end platforms that cover the entire analytics value chain: technology, applications, processes and people. When needed, we offer Business Analytics Services.
  • We do what it takes to get impact. We behave like partners that adapt to your ecosystems' challenges. When you're confronted with data quality issues, we help you fix them.
  • We track the usage and the impact of our applications to ensure that you learn and improve over time.

We are fast to value

  • We deploy our platforms 2-10 times faster than any competitive solution.
  • We find quick wins from the first day of implementation because we know where the value is.
  • We commit a portion of our fees to impact for your business.

We are telecom experts

  • We know telecom data sources by heart. CDR's, vouchers, DPIs, and other vital data are practically embedded in our brains.
  • We build telecom best practices into our apps.
  • We maintain initiative catalogs.