Real Impact Analytics • Capturing the value in your telecom data - Real Impact Analytics transforms telecom data into actions through a propriety suite of big data technology, applications, processes & Business Analytics Services

Trusted by the largest telecom operators

Real Impact Analytics has created strong partnerships with global mobile network operators, crunching data from over 300 million subscribers daily.

Real Impact Analytics is extremely fast to value. They showed me that my current campaigns were destroying 50k$ per week, when we started our collaboration. Within only four weeks, they reversed the situation. I now use their campaigning platform all year long. Ask us to meet this reference
Real Impact Analytics deployed geo-marketing apps across our entire footprint (15+ countries). Thanks to their agility and telecom expertise, the apps are aligned with our strategic priorities. What's more is that we never experienced technology vendors who were proactively acting on the usage of their apps. Ask us to meet this reference

Our catalogue of big data applications

Over 50 apps that embed big data analytics into users' day-to-day work. Our apps create value by optimizing the customer lifecycle and achieving commercial excellence.


Maximize customer value

The holy grail of maximizing subscriber lifetime value is to make sure each customer feels unique by treating them as an individual and recommending only the content that is relevant to them.

Our customer value management apps support mobile network operators in delivering best practices for their campaigns and marketing. Read the apps section to understand how we maximize customer value with subscriber profiling, segmentation, predictions, A/B tests and campaign management.


Empower your sales organization

Some of the hurdles that prevent sales managers and front-end teams from optimizing their work include lack of available data, quantitative skills or feedback loops between decision, action and impact. As a result, sales performance suffers.

Our commercial excellence apps make front-end users better at their day-to-day work by leveraging all telecom data sources. Each app is tailored to a specific business need and task. They are end-to-end up to action recommendation and feedback loops. Read the apps section to understand how we help telecom operators achieve commercial excellence.

What makes us different

Every competitor will say that he has the best references, the best teams, the best technology and the best ROI. We say the same thing about ourselves. Here is how we prove it.

End-to-end approach

  • We deploy end-to-end apps that cover the entire analytics value chain: technology, apps, processes and people.
  • We do what it takes to get impact. When you face data quality issues, we help you fix them.
  • We track the usage and ROI of our apps to ensure that you learn and improve over time.

Agile and fast to value

  • We deploy our platforms 2-10 times faster than any competitive solution.
  • We commit a portion of our fees to impact for your business.
  • We address current and future needs with regular updates and agile roadmaps.

Telecom expertise

  • We know telecom data sources by heart. CDR's, vouchers, DPIs, and other vital data are practically embedded in our brains.
  • We build telecom best practices into our apps.
  • We maintain initiative catalogs.