Using telecom data for social good • Real Impact Analytics - Eradicating extreme poverty, hunger or malaria are all Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve these goals, our mission is to support development agencies and embedding analytics in their day-to-day work

Using telecom data for social good

The positive impact data can have on the world is incredible! Our Data for Good applications help achieve Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve them, our mission is to embed analytics in development agencies’ day-to-day work.

Why use telecom data? Discover our use cases

We bridge the gap between telecom operators and development agency end users

Real Impact Analytics benefits from a unique position in emerging markets – we work for the largest telecom groups, combine state-of-the-art analytics and show an impeccable track record in collaborating with large donor organizations. Our deliverables are divided into papers and operational applications.



We conduct analytical research and publish our results in collaboration with leading academic institutions (e.g. MIT).


Operational apps

We design, develop and implement operational apps that are embedded in the day-to-day work of development agency field teams. Our apps generally address any of the four following functions: reporting, root-cause analysis, action lists and impact assessment

Why use telecom data?

1. Telecom operators capture valuable data

Few datasets compete in terms of size, granularity and relevance. In emerging markets, data is scarce. However, telecom operators capture individual, social, economic and geographical data points across populations.

2. Telecom data is systematically collected

Field actors can get visibility on crisis dynamics. Furthermore, data quality and accuracy is significantly higher. Other types of data, when available, are static or outdated.

3. Telecom operators develop lasting relationships with their subscribers

They are able to observe changes in economic and social patterns over time. In turn, this allows development agencies to measure their impact and integrate feedback loops.

4. A huge library of academic use cases is available

However, these papers and approaches are not operationalized or made available to the relevant end users. The missing link is the large-scale access to the underlying telecom data.

We are part of a larger ecosystem

Bill & Belinda Gates
US aid


Donors contribute much more than simply providing funds by setting priorities across development initiatives and sharing best practices. Working with them within the ecosystem ensures scalability.

End users

Field actors such as the United Nations (through World Food Program, World Health Organization, etc.) are our end users. We build telecom data based apps to match their daily needs and tasks. Receiving their input to design the apps is critical to ensure usage and sustainable impact.

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