Platform • Real Impact Analytics - Our approach is simple, yet powerful: we integrate 5 core beliefs into our work which makes our approach truly distinctive

Leverage all telecom data sources

Our platform seamlessly integrates all telecom data sources to build the richest insights. It centralizes CDRs, network counters, DPI probes, IN, billing, recharges, CRM, call centers, to name a few.

Leverage all telecom data sources
Enjoy scalable, up to real-time processing.

Enjoy scalable, up to real-time processing

Built on the latest big data technologies, our platform can be used for single-node installations and large cluster deployments. The RIA platform is built to handle very big data sets and large subscriber bases, whether on premise or in the cloud. As a result, our apps are fed with up to real-time data.

Enrich your data with smarter variables

Through our proprietary algorithms, our platform enriches your data with intelligent variables such as granular town-level market share, subscriber mobility patterns and social network dynamics.

Enrich your data with smarter variables
Benefit rapid and regular apps releases

Benefit from swift and regular app releases

The platform enables agile application development by delivering a set of shared building blocks. As a result, we are able to constantly improve the impact of our apps based on feedback and deliver updated apps to our clients on a regular basis. Our future-proof dynamic roadmaps address current and future needs.

Our guiding principles when designing apps

1. Ask the right question

We analyze your team's daily decisions and actions. This allows us to list and prioritize their business needs based on the potential value at hand. Every app we build addresses a specific business need.

2. Tailor to the end user

Apps are valuable to end users only if they help them reach their objectives and are adapted to their role, department and level of authority.

3. Produce action, not reports

To improve your performance, analytics must drive concrete actions. The link between insights and action can often be strengthened.

4. Embed in mobile devices

A mobile app ensures that end users can monitor their key performance indicators, track the recommended action lists and encode their field work.

5. Ensure the app is used correctly

Apps can be top-notch, but when improperly used or not used at all, you will not benefit from them. We build your team's capabilities and monitor usage / ROI to ensure our apps contribute to your team's success.

6. Be agile

We constantly collect feedback from end users, Business Analytics Services, support and sales teams. We release new and improved apps every quarter.