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Trust and transparency

Joining RIA means joining a team of high-performing, smart, fun and diverse people. We believe they are the driving force behind our success; we treat them with trust and respect. We share as much as possible with the team, transparency being one of our guiding principles. The trust we show to our colleagues goes both ways: we expect everyone to take the best decisions and act in the interest of the company.

Genuine start-up culture

We always put the focus on the impact you can have within the team and the company. We are not process-driven, we don’t have long approval flows and we keep the policies to a minimum. We trust our colleagues’ better judgement and common sense and we empower them to take initiative, drive things forward and reach the goals. The road from idea to implementation is a short one and our colleagues love it.

Data-driven experience

Joining Real Impact Analytics is not just a step in your career. It is catching the digitalization train - rather than watching it passing by. It is taking part in the fourth industrial revolution by helping telecom operators transform into data-driven companies. At Real Impact Analytics, you will not only enhance your skills in data analytics, using the very latest technologies: you will step in a true journey... and travel the world to serve clients from Brazil to Pakistan!

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Engineering (4)

As software developers, we make the magic happen by creating outstanding software solutions that answer our client’s business needs. We use the coolest technologies available. Working as one team, we love to hack and try new things; that's engineering. The Engineering department combines, in a unified approach, the product and software teams. We define and build Real Impact Analytics’ core products.

Professional Services (3)

The Professional Services team brings our cool products to the client. We deploy our solutions everywhere in the world and we witness our product’s impact on the field. Everyday, we mix IT, business and project management; we install and set up our products as well as we train our client's teams. We are also key in making them adopt the product. You will learn to work with very different cultures and enjoy discovering great countries.

Sales & Marketing (3)

We drive revenue growth across the group. We are having the time of our life pushing our amazing solutions' sales globally. We travel the world to meet CEOs, CMOs and CIOs of multi-billion companies. We educate these great leaders on the amazing value and best practices of our big data apps. Every day is a new challenge; we contact and meet new clients, close multi-million deals and build engaging client relationships.

Corporate (0)

We keep the business running smoothly. We are a team of experts in the fields of People, Finance, Legal and Office Management. Our job is to make sure that our colleagues have all they need to boost the success of our company. We have a comprehensive view on our operations. Working in our team is demanding and extremely fun!

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