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Shape our field's future

With a team of world- travelling and entrepreneurial data scientists, PhD’s and Alumni from the top Universities and companies, we’re the industry’s key analytics innovator. We work in an energizing environment. Once you’re on board, you’ll be part of a team in which we learn from each other and value our differences. We create roles that work best for each one of us and the company, allowing us to constantly bring new ideas to the table.

Shape your own schedule

We believe in output rather than effort. We only look at results. We work different hours at different times. We can choose to work from home, yet most of the time we’d rather spend time with our colleagues and take kicker & ping pong breaks. We travel to exotic locations and love to discover new cultures.

Shape the company

Employees own the company: we’re transparent and not afraid to disagree. We find purpose in delivering big data solutions and apps to our clients. This is why we are doubling team size and revenue every year. After one-year only, you can become partner. We always act in the company’s best interest because it’s best for us too.

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Engineering (1)

As software developers, we make the magic happen by creating outstanding software solutions that answer our client’s business needs. We use the coolest technologies available. Working as one team, we love to hack and try new things; that's engineering. The Engineering department combines, in a unified approach, the product and software teams. We define and build Real Impact Analytics’ core products.

Professional Services (2)

The Professional Services team brings our cool products to the client. We deploy our solutions everywhere in the world and we witness our product’s impact on the field. Everyday, we mix IT, business and project management; we install and set up our products as well as we train our client's teams. We are also key in making them adopt the product. You will learn to work with very different cultures and enjoy discovering great countries.

Commercial (1)

We drive revenue growth across the group. We are having the time of our life pushing our amazing solutions' sales globally. We travel the world to meet CEOs, CMOs and CIOs of multi-billion companies. We educate these great leaders on the amazing value and best practices of our big data apps. Every day is a new challenge; we contact and meet new clients, close multi-million deals and build engaging client relationships.

Corporate (1)

We keep the business running smoothly. We are a team of experts in the fields of People, Finance, Legal and Office Management. Our job is to make sure that our colleagues have all they need to boost the success of our company. We have a comprehensive view on our operations. Working in our team is demanding and extremely fun!

Trouble-shooting (0)

We make sure our solutions run with no issues so clients can confidently use them in their day-to-day business. We monitor and spot issues early on to limit the effect they might have. By developing our own tools, we make our lives easier when issues occur. We are a key asset to keep operations running smoothly and create feedback loops to implementation and software teams.

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